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Our Mission

“Inspiring Dynamic Kids To Grow, Learn, Have Fun, Be Happy”


Our mission at Monarchs is to cultivate a foundation of physical activity for future generations through body awareness and proper technique while developing a love for fitness and community from childhood.



We believe that children are dynamic individuals and at Monarchs we aspire to help them grow through quality instruction in gymnastics, tumbling, parkour, cheer, rhythmic, and active sports.



We believe that a love for learning is the best foundation and at Monarchs our dedicated teachers consistently foster curiosity and the zest for knowledge inside the classroom and out in the real world.


Have Fun

We believe in having FUN. Because childhood is about fun (and learning) we try and make learning fun. While running and jumping and swinging and climbing we sneak in a whole lot of learning. All while you thought we were just having FUN.


Be Happy

Dynamic kids are happy kids or (Happy Kidz). We believe in happy, healthy kids who start their formative years by growing and learning and having fun while learning.


Customer Service

At Monarchs we value a strong commitment to customer service. We believe in the value serving our community. Our customers are our family, and we are a family operated business who values each customer big or small. We strive to make your experience at Monarchs the best it can be and our dedicated staff members have gone through rigorous training to make it happen!

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